You can earn points by playing games, completing offers in the offerwalls, watching videos, creating content, inviting friends and reaching the leaderboard. The most effective way to earn points is by playing games and completing tasks within the games, see below:

:one: Begin to choose a game you which to play, on the "Play Games" page.

:two: Make sure to check if the game is for a mobile device or for your PC. If it is for a mobile device, it is the easiest to login to the GameGleam dashboard on your mobile device if that is the case.

:three: Begin by pressing on the "Play for Free" button and register in the game, make sure to activate your account and if it is a downloadable game you must install the game and start it prior to continuing to the next step.

:four: Go back to the game on the GameGleam dashboard and enter the username you choose in the game and send it off to approval, this will be used to track your quest objectives.

:five: Once your nickname has been reviewed and accepted the next quest objective will become available.

:six: Complete the quest objective exactly as stated, when you have completed the quest objective show the quest objective in the game and take a print screen with the button on your keyboard usually called "PRT SC" and open up Paint where you are able to paste your taken print screen and save the taken print screen to your desktop.

:seven: Upload the taken print screen and wait for approval.

:eight: Success! You have earned PTS and XP for completing a quest objective!